20th Annual Tournament

20120526 01 Scott, Brian, Karate Tournament

The Annual Black Cat Karate Tournament includes only schools that teach U.S. Black Cat Kenpo Karate. Each school is owned by one of our students that started their training at headquarters in Howell in the 80’s. The benefit is that everyone knows the same material and can be judged based on our high standards outlined in the Student Success Handbook.

The tournament is always packed—-full house! With about 2,000 competitors and spectators attending. The next tournament will be held on May 18, 2018 at Jackson Liberty High School.

Each year, all karate students have the opportunity to participate in the tournament. This teaches healthy competition and sportsmanship. Students learn to overcome fear, improve confidence, become familiar with competition, and develop a yes-I-can attitude. Everyone is a winner because the very act of competing, putting yourself out there, and demonstrating your knowledge and skill, is vital in the martial arts and in life.