Adult Martial Arts

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Are you looking for a serious workout that challenges you physically and mentally while training you on how to protect yourself and your family?

That is what you want! And that means our adult martial arts program is the perfect fit for your goals. Some of our adult students have tested for black belt at age 65. How? Because martial arts training will take years off your age by rejuvenating your body. A strong body means a strong mind. Your focus will improve in all areas as you begin a journey like no other you’ve experienced.

10 Guaranteed Benefits of Adult Martial Arts

  1. Self-defense that works.
  2. Increased health.
  3. Improved flexibility, speed, coordination, strength, and balance.
  4. Increased endurance.
  5. Improved discipline, focus and confidence.
  6. Greater productivity and more energy.
  7. Achieve goals.
  8. Family activity.
  9. Leadership.
  10. Relieved stress.

What People Are Saying About Our Adult Program

“Since I started at Art Beins, I have eliminated hypertension, improved my conditioning, and gained the confidence to overcome many of my own life obstacles, both mentally and physically. I continue looking forward to the next challenge at every class. Joining Art Beins Karate was one of the best decisions I have made.”
—Joe Sheehy

Our Pledge To You

“We are committed to providing award-winning instruction, accompanied by rock-solid student service. We are dedicated to helping our students become their absolute personal best, regardless of their age, sex, mental, or physical condition. These aren’t just words, we pledge it, stand behind it, and we guarantee it!”