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Get your kids off the couch, off their devices and into an activity that will change their lives. Make this their best summer ever by helping them develop life skills that will make them healthy, happy, and keep them safe!
Get started early learning discipline and self-control. The program has been designed especially for children 3 to 5 years old. After Little Rangers, they will be ready to move forward in their training to Kids Karate.
Our priority is teaching your child how to win in the game of life. We put all our students in the spotlight, regardless of their mental or physical ability by focusing on the individual needs of each student.

Our son, Cole, has thrived over the past two years, and we know that Karate has played a huge part in his athletic and academic achievements. Art Beins Karate has instilled confidence, pride and an outlook that all is possible. The instructors are talented, caring and a positive inspiration. We have three sons and are looking forward to many amazing years at Art Beins Karate. Thankfully Yours, The Duhigg Family.”

—Amber Duhigg

Martial arts training will take years off your age by rejuvenating your body. A strong body means a strong mind. Your focus will improve in all areas as you begin a journey like no other you've experienced.
Imagine you're burning up to 1,000 calories in a 50 minute workout. Your high-energy classes include kickboxing and cutting edge cross-training exercises that produce the kind of results you're looking for and beyond. Guaranteed!

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