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Two Great Locations

Two schools conveniently located in the heart of Monmouth County.

Little Rangers

Get started early learning discipline and self-control. The program is specifically designed for children 3 to 5 years old. Little Rangers develop coordination, focus, confidence, and what to do if approached by a stranger or bully.

Kids Karate

Our priority is teaching your child how to win in the game of life. Nobody sits on the bench! We give all our students the opportunity to shine in the spotlight regardless of their mental or physical ability. We focus on their individual needs in order to bring out the best in each and any every one of them.

Adult Martial Arts

Our martial arts program will take years off your age by rejuvenating your mind and body. Your attitude will improve in all areas as you begin a journey like nothing you’ve ever imagined. Feel better, look better, be better!

Kickboxing Fitness

Imagine you're burning up to 1,000 calories in a 50-minute workout. Your high-energy classes include kickboxing and cutting edge cross-training exercises that produce the kind of results you're looking for and beyond. Guaranteed!

Birthday Parties

Parents whose children have celebrated their birthdays with us say it was filled with more excitement and fun than they or their child had ever expected! All while under the supervision of professional Black Belt instructors.


“For as long as I’ve know Master Beins, he has been an exemplary leader both in the community and in martial arts. So when it came time to find a place where my 5 year old son DJ could learn the same traditions I enjoyed as a child, ABK was the best choice. Master Beins, along with his whole staff, has created a disciplined and safe environment for both children and adults to train to be their best. In less than a year DJ has developed true confidence (just reached his 6th kyu) and a positive change in attitude. The great family atmosphere at ABK has not only motivated me to work out again, but also has my 4-year old daughter wanting to be a part of the ABK family as well! Thank you Master Beins…Keep kicking!!”

—Darryl Henry

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All instructors are experts in the martial arts and in helping you reach your goals.