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Founded May 10, 1980

In 1980, Sensei Art Beins, with the consent and express permission of his instructor, Grandmaster Raymond Gay, founded the United States Black Cat Kenpo Karate Federation and opened Art Beins Karate in his hometown of Howell, NJ. Since then, Sensei Art Beins has achieved the rank of 10th degree Grandmaster, and the organization has received hundreds of national and international accolades.

These accomplishments and accolades include, but are not limited to:

  • Asbury Park Press, 4-Time, Reader’s Choice Contest, Best of the Best for Monmouth County, New Jersey.
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine’s 2006 National Karate School of the Year.
  • World Family Sokeship’s 1995 Karate School of the Year.
  • Has promoted over 650 outstanding Black Belts.
  • Raised over $300,000 for charities.
  • Hosted the longest running cable martial arts TV show, Karate and You, for 8 years.

Art Beins Karate has earned an extraordinary reputation for producing outstanding students and instructors, making it one of the most sought after self-empowering styles available as well as one of the most successful martial arts schools in America.


“I started with Art Beins Karate back when I was 15 years old. I am very happy that at a young age I was involved with an organization that focused on positive development of their students. One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to deal with failure. Art Beins Karate taught me at a young age not to see failure as failure, but as a learning opportunity. That, just because I didn’t succeed today, does not mean I will not succeed tomorrow. Learning that experience at such a young age helped me perform better in college than I did in high school. It allowed me to be more confident in myself and my abilities that I became more involved in college organizations, and in my senior year, I was elected as president of our business association on campus. After college graduation, I carried those lessons with me into the working world where the belief in myself gave me the courage to open my own business. I still run the business today and use everything I learned at Art Beins karate in both my personal and professional life. Thanks Master Beins!”

—Ernie Olmeda, Water Filtration Sales

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