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“Art Beins Karate has positively impacted my life and has made me proud of the person that I am. Also, it has made me a person brimming with self-esteem, health, and positive attitude. Karate is excellent not only for the body, but it conditions the mind, soul, and improves reflexes. The martial arts, over time, has helped my body and mind to coordinate as one and to relieve stress. I have realized that to be a martial artist, the partition between the actions of the body and the thoughts of the mind must be as one. I have learned to apply good posture to my daily life, and know how to avoid life-threatening situations when possible. Karate has made me a stronger person due to its intense cardiovascular workouts and stretching. It has changed my personality by having a more optimistic look on life and to focus on the teachings of a positive attitude, and vital ethics that I need to succeed in today’s world. Karate has taught me to construct a strong, happy community by using my techniques only when forced to defend myself, honor, or reputation. Due to the fact that I am a martial artist, I am a better public speaker and have made it a habit to maintain good eye contact. Karate is a part of me, and I have learned to be a part of it. It is a beneficial way of life that has changed me forever for the better, and I will always remember the principles that it has taught me. One other important way that karate has impacted by life is by developing a confident and congenial self-image. It has taught me to set goals, to achieve them through the tools of motivation and determination. By reaching these goals, I am pleased and confident in myself, and have developed an attitude that I can achieve anything that I believe. I have became more confident, responsible, and self-disciplined than the person I was. Karate has melted away my foolish, childish, and timid ways, and has molded me into a young woman who demonstrates assurance and certainty within herself. Karate has also taught me to control the self-esteem and poise that it has given me. Art Beins Karate is important to my life because it has strengthened by body, soul and mind. It has boosted my confidence and self esteem levels, and has heightened my reflexes and coordination. I have learned to practice control and respect with my peers. Together, the martial arts have improved my self-image, health, and overall personality for the better.”

—Nicole Sivetz, Student

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