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“Martial Arts in a sense is not just a sport, but a way of life for different people. Martial Arts affects people in different ways, but always has similar outcomes. Most people gain confidence as well as responsibility inside and outside of the karate school. Integrity is something everybody says that they have, but never really knew what it really means. Integrity is being honest to yourself and to others, and having the strong moral principles that make you a role model and model student. Karate has taught me that defending yourself is only half the battle, it’s getting back up and keeping your head high with confidence. The greatest result from karate, for me, will always be the friends you meet and the people you know that you will become lifelong friends with. It also gives you the skills to go forth and use the dedication and motivation that is greatly stressed in the Art Beins Karate School to use outside of the dojo. In school, improvements in confidence, responsibility, dedication, have been applied to my studies and schoolwork. I work for every point and every grade to achieve the ideal place I want to be, and I don’t settle until the job is done. At home, it has taught me that responsibility with chores, homework, and being close to my family has greatly affected the type of person I am today. Grandmaster Art Beins always told each and every student that, ‘If it’s gonna be, it’s up to me.’ And I’ve stood by that motto ever since.”

—Alyssa Rabo, Student

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